Student Athlete of the Week: Moss Point’s Kaleb Raston

Region three champs three years running, Moss Point’s football season didn’t end quite how they wanted it to, losing to Poplarville in the second round of the playoffs.

The Tigers still have a lot to be proud of, including the emergence of middle linebacker Kaleb Raston, now this week’s WXXV Student Athlete of the Week.

In December of last year, Raston moved from Georgia to Moss Point in hopes of getting more looks both on the football field and the baseball diamond.

One year later, the junior is already forcing everyone to look his way as he continues to embrace the Moss Point community as his own.

“When I first got down here, I heard it’s family here. I was like growing up I had it in youth football then at my old high school it kinda fell apart. And then when I came down here, they took me in. Like another brother. And then all came together like a big family when I came down here. So, I just really love it down here.”

In case the Tiger community wasn’t already all in on their new middle linebacker Kaleb Raston, this season after the junior tallied 19 tackles, six tackles for loss, two forced fumbles, and a fumble recovery in a huge shoutout win over Northeast Jones in the first round of playoffs, everyone in the River City was a Raston fan.

Besides producing impressive stat lines game in and game out, Raston has the intangibles that truly make him impactful at the mike position. “You’re the quarterback of the defense everybody has to know what’s going on and you can’t be quiet, you have to be loud, vocal, letting everyone know what their responsibilities are at the end of the day.”

Moss Point Head Football Coach W. Eugene Harmon said, “He can see things by from watching film. He studies the film and he translates from what he’s watched on film to the game field. And he can pretty much– he calls out plays. He’s almost like having another coach out there on the field.”

Raston also left his mark on special teams as a kicker and punter, kicking numerous touchbacks and booting it as far as 50 yards on punts.

Like many defensive players, Raston would rather hit people than get hit. To this day, he still remembers the first time he got hit on the football field and why he’s never going to let it happen again. “The first time I ever got hit was– he’s actually an Ohio State commit for basketball, Bruce Thornton– he ran me over– I think we were like nine– in practice and I told myself that was the last time I was going to let myself get hit like that.”

Currently, Raston is participating in off-season workouts while also gearing up for another season behind the plate, playing the first sport he caught feelings for. “I would love to play college ball. If anything, I want to play baseball too. So hopefully if something works out, I want to be drafted out of high school for baseball too.”

After achieving his dreams on the field, Raston is interested in pursuing a career as a neurosurgeon or a pilot. “At the end of the day I have a responsibility, not just to succeed for myself and my family, but for the whole community because if I do good that means the whole community is going to do good. If they hear about Kaleb Raston from Moss Point, they’re going to hear about the community of Moss Point.”

Raston says he was super excited about his Atlanta Braves winning the World Series last month.

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