WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Moss Point Basketball’s Kedrick Osby

In the last WXXV Student Athlete of the Week segment before Christmas, we feature one of the only two boys basketball players in the state of Mississippi with at least a three-star ranking, Moss Point’s Kedrick Osby.

For the Osby family, basketball simply is a way of life.

Moss Point forward Kedrick Osby was truly raised with a basketball in hand, growing up watching his father coach and his brother play the sport.

Osby couldn’t wait to be on the court himself and he would even jump in on his father’s practices at a young age. “I use to practice with them. I use to try to run out with them, but I was real small, so he wouldn’t let me get in all the drills and stuff. I was only in the easy drills because he didn’t want to hurt me because they were a lot bigger than me. They were 13 and 14, I was five or six.”

Now, Kedrick is a daily part of his dad’s practices. The elder Osby is the head coach at Moss Point High School.

With his father being a basketball coach for the majority of his lifetime, Osby has moved to several different places, and has learned how to adapt in the process. Osby says that he is thankful that throughout all the change, he knew that that one constant in his life would be basketball. “It feels good because I always know that I got that. If I don’t have anything else, I’ve got a basketball court and my family. I know that.”

Osby says that basketball has helped him through all walks of life and has shown him that opportunities are never handed out, but earned. “It taught me to always keep on working. You gotta work for what you want. You can’t just wake up and want something, but you didn’t work for it. You gotta work for everything.”

One example of someone giving the sport their all is Moss Point’s very own Devin Booker. The NBA shooting guard recently visited the school for his jersey retirement ceremony and it gave hope to many of the Moss Point athletes, including Osby. “I just have to keep on working, you know, he never stopped working, he kept on working, so I gotta keep on working to hopefully achieve the level he got to.”

Osby is on track to reach that dream. He is the number two basketball recruit in the state of Mississippi, has a recruitment ranking of three stars, is ranked 53rd nationally as a small forward, and has been offered by both Southern Miss and Mississippi State.

He doesn’t plan to officially commit to a school until the spring semester, but he is on cloud nine knowing that he will play basketball at the next level. “It feels good. It feels good because a lot of people don’t get the opportunity to play college basketball, so it feels pretty good. I think about that every day.”

Moss Point’s next game tipping off Thursday night at home against D’Iberville.

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