WXXV Student Athlete of the Week: Biloxi High Pole Vaulter Julie Segroves

You may remember News 25 featuring this week’s Student Athlete of the Week, Julie Segroves, when she was in eighth grade, but she continues to raise the bar for female pole vaulters all across the nation.

“Just jump. Don’t bail, don’t bail, just jump, and just complete the vault.” These are the words that Biloxi pole vaulter Julie Segroves says to herself as she approaches the slideway to complete a jump.

Segroves says the ability to pole vault doesn’t come easy, but she believes her seven years of gymnastics helped her build up the strength to complete the bar. “I was a gymnast. That probably helped a lot, like seven years of gym. I got really strong, and then I switched over, it was kind of like a cheat code.”

Along with the cheat code, pole vaulting was in her blood. Segroves owes a lot of credit to her father who pole vaulted in college. Her father introduced her to the sport when she was a second grader, but she began to take it seriously in the sixth grade.

Just two years later, she earned the state championship title and set the 6A girls varsity record in pole vault, clearing the bar at 12’7”. That was only the beginning.

This past weekend, Segroves competed at the Expo Explosion National Indoor Pole Vault Meet in Belton, Texas and walked away with first place and shattered the Mississippi State High School Girls Indoor Pole Vault record. “I had gotten thirteen feet which was a big deal for me because I don’t really get that a lot. It’s kind of uncommon, but then it was my second jump that cleared 13’2 and when I got over it, I was like ‘woah I just did that.’ And I’m holding really low to clear that. I’m holding it at like 12’7 and the box goes 8 inches in the ground, so I’m probably jumping over like a foot, at least a foot over my handhold and I was just really proud of that. That I was able to accomplish that.”

The future is very bright for the sophomore and her dream is to pole vault at the collegiate level and complete 14 feet.

Segroves will continue to chase those dreams as she competes alongside her teammates this weekend for an indoor meet at LSU.

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