Stranded Dolphin Freed From Simmons Bayou in Ocean Springs

A dolphin stranded for several weeks in Simmons Bayou in Ocean Springs has finally made its way back to the Gulf. News 25’s Kristen Durand met with rescuers as they returned from the mission.
There were high fives all around for a job well done after herding a dolphin out of Simmons Bayou in Ocean Springs. The bottlenose dolphin had been stranded there for several weeks. Veterinarian at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Dr. Debra Moore said, “Her skin was really, had a lot of abrasions on it and we were very concerned because that’s a big problem and they can have complications and really get very sick and die.”
In an effort to prevent that, a team of rescue workers from the DMR, NOAA and the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies set out on a mission Tuesday morning. With the help of some boats, jet skis, a hukilau net and a lot of perseverance, they got the dolphin moving towards the Gulf. Director of Animal Training and Live Animal Rescue for the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Tim Hoffland said, “I would go back and forth with the jet ski and roar the engines and keep them going loud and just stop and wait until we saw him another 30-40 feet and we just kept going and going and going.”
After several hours, the team successfully corralled the dolphin to an area near the Ocean Springs Bridge where it met up with a friend. “We were about two miles from the Ocean Springs Bridge and he met up with another dolphin. So, at that point, we just ceased all activity and just let them do what they were going to do and they just kept swimming in that direction,” said Hoffland.
The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies says they will continue monitoring the dolphin and ask anyone who spots it back in the bayou to give them a call.
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