Storm Woes in South Mississippi

While the U.S. mainland escaped Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane as far as wind speed and pressure goes, South Mississippi did feel the remnants of the massive storm as it collided with low pressure over Louisiana.
Many local residents woke up to gale force winds and the morning commute for a few was a little sandy.
Strong winds and a sandy commute along Highway 90 on Monday morning surprised some of us as we started our day. This also signaled a heavy workload for others. Sand Beach workers were out in full force even before the storm died down. Director of the Harrison County Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis said, “Once the tide started going down, we started to remove some of the material away from the seawall in the boardwalk areas.”
As Sand Beach workers removed debris and sand from the boardwalk, kite surfer Sonny Ellis was looking for his second wind around lunch time, wishing he’d suited up sooner in the day to take advantage of the higher wind speed. “This morning, it was really a lot, 30 to 40. And I wasn’t out then. I couldn’t get anyone to come out with me, so I decided to come out when it got a little lighter.”
While Harrison County Sand Beach workers are sure to have their hands full with the mess you see on the beaches, Harrison County civil defense workers are already preparing for another front that is supposed to hit our area next week. Harrison County Emergency Management Director Rupert Lacy said, “That could mean, right now, the models are showing Trick or Treat Day being one of those days that it might be wet, or the Friday before. That’s a football night. We’ll be paying close attention.”
And so will Sonny Ellis, who’s learned to make the most of life and enjoy the ride along the way, knowing it’s hit and miss, whether you’re traveling on four wheels or up in the sky. “When it’s blowing like that, there’s nothing you can do. It was like a hurricane yesterday.”

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