Stone County Residents Vote for Dry or Wet County

Stone County residents filed into voting precincts today but the biggest vote on their ballot may have not been cast for a person.
Stone County residents had the option to vote whether they will remain a dry county. Currently, stores were allowed to sell light wine and beer. By dropping the dry law, stores would be allowed to sell beer, wine and alcohol above 5 percent.
News 25 caught up with several voters and most were indifferent on the law but cared more about the law’s impact on the county’s economy. Stone County voter Jenna Sanders said, “It would be a great economic impact for Stone County that is true. Personal feelings about it, I don’t care either way but for the economic impact for the county, I do agree.” Voter Ron Fisher said, “From what everybody says, I guess it does generate a lot of tax revenue. It’s important we keep the tax revenue the residents of Stone County are spending in Stone County.”
As voting results roll in, News 25 will keep you updated.

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