Stone Co. Authorities Seize Animals from Home

Seven dogs and two horses were removed from a Stone County home today after authorities and a Hattiesburg animal shelter decided they were malnourished.
For multiple hours, Stone County deputies and representatives from the Southern Pine Animal Shelter in Hattiesburg worked to round up nearly 20 dogs and 2 horses that were reported to have been mistreated. Sgt. Jackie Knight of the Stone County Sheriff Department said, “Just noticed the conditions for how the dogs were tied with chains to the back of this vehicle. Feces that they were rolling around in. Lack of water, lack of proper food.”
While only seven of the dogs were rescued, the rest hid in the woods. The medical director of Southern Pine Animal Shelter, Ginny Sims, said the dogs were not being mistreated; their owner was elderly and needed help to give them proper care.
The dogs were taken back to Hattiesburg where they will be given proper treatments. The two horses were turned over to a local relative to feed.

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