STEM Art Camp

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs is taking on their summer art camp in a special way.

They are using art as a launching point to talk about the elements that go into design and creativity with a special focus on all things STEM!

So far this week, they have talked about and created a mural of endangered species on the Coast to incorporate science. For engineering, they took buildings in Ocean Springs and recreated them using cardboard and paint.

Today, they focused on math and how they can use it to scale a picture to a smaller size while drawing.

Each day they have gone to the museum to see how STEM played a role in Walter Anderson’s art as well. WAMA Art Camp Teacher Heather Montgomery said, “The kids get to see the museum from a new viewpoint, a new perspective, and they get to realize how important creativity is when it comes to science, technology, engineering and math.”

If your kid missed out on the camp this week, no worries! There are other camps throughout the summer at WAMA. You can find those camps on their website at

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