A steady stream of donations keep landing at Brown Condor Aviation Heritage Museum

The Brown Condor Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum depends on donations to keep up and running.

As we reported recently, a steady flow of anonymous donations keep landing in the hands of those who operate the Gulfport museum.

The donations have historic relevance and value in regards to aviation history and airline industry and we are told today that these donations continue to arrive about every other day, in addition to the other donations that help keep the museum’s doors open. Board Member Chuck Eastman said, “We are extremely pleased that there are people out there in our community who want to see this museum succeed. We receive donations both from anonymous and non-anonymous donors. Everything helps. Obviously, several donations that have been given to us anonymously are on display here, proudly.”

The Brown Condor Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum is located at 429 Pass Road in Gulfport.

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