Staying safe while exercising alone

With cooler weather making it easier for people to exercise outside more, it could possibly make it easier for predators to attack.

No one ever thinks they can be involved in a horrible situation until one day it happens.

Bay St. Louis Chief of Police Toby Schwartz says it is always best to go in with a plan and tools to make it safer, especially when you are exercising alone.

The first thing everyone should know when exercising by yourself is to be aware of your surroundings.

Schwartz says to trust your instincts and if you feel or see something off, call police immediately.

If a predator does try to attack, it is best to fight or flee. If you have to fight, go for the eyes or use a lightweight tool that can be carried on you. Chief Schwartz said, “Most criminals are out late in the day or in the evenings. A lot of time they are sleeping off their criminal activities in the mornings. Mornings are always the better time. You want to avoid darkness. If you exercise in the evenings, you are putting yourself at a greater risk, not to say you can’t exercise in the evening. I exercise in the evenings from time to time, but mornings would be the preferred time of day and in a well-lit area.”

You can buy tools at a big box store or sporting goods store. You might also want to use a personal tracker.

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