Staying Safe on Wet Roads

According to AAA, wet pavement contributes to nearly 1.2 million crashes a year. With today’s heavy rainfall hitting the streets of South Mississippi, it’s important to remember the basics of safely driving in the rain.
As the rain continues, travelers can expect more water to gather along roadways. Trooper Chase Elkins with Mississippi Highway Patrol urges those who have to be on the road to be cautious as South Mississippi continues to experience severe weather. “Never drive past 60 percent of your driving capabilities. If you feel as though you need to pull over then that’s probably what you need to do and let the rain pass and then get back on the road. If it’s raining where there’s water standing on the road, we would want to slow down at least ten miles under the speed limit if it’s raining, blocking visibility.”
Elkins also urges drivers to be smart on the roadways. If you have to be somewhere, leave earlier to avoid rushing in stormy conditions and stay home and off the roads if possible.

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