Staying safe while trick-or-treating

Last week, News 25 brought you news about vicious dog attacks in Gulfport.
The initial report said multiple people had been attacked by two dogs near Pratt Avenue and 20th Street. Law enforcement seized two dogs in the area. Although they couldn’t identify the two dogs as the ones involved in the attack, there have not been any complaints or attacks since the two dogs were taken by Animal Control.
With Halloween right around the corner, officials are urging people to stay vigilant while trick-or-treating. Sgt. Clayton Fulks with Gulfport PD said, “With Halloween coming up, we know a lot of kids are going to be out in the street walking around all over the city. Not just with this incident, but we would ask that parents and guardians stay close with your kids. If you do encounter strange animals, especially dogs, do not approach them, do not pet them. Back away slowly and keep watch over your shoulder.”
Officials also urge people to only trick-or-treat in well-lit areas.

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