Staying safe while running alone

This morning, police released more information about Mollie Tibbets. She went missing on July 18th in Brooklyn, Iowa.

Investigators say the 20-year-old went on a jog when she was followed and eventually taken and killed. Now, police are warning joggers and anyone out alone to take extra precaution.

Biloxi Police Officer Reuben Sabio tells News 25 people should try to run in groups and always make sure you run with a communication device and if you feel uncomfortable do not stop to warn someone you are going to call the police. “Don’t give anyone any warnings, take the element of surprise away from them and just do what you need to do. Also, listen to your instincts if you feel that somebody next to you has been trailing you awhile. If it just does not feel right, listen to your instincts.”

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