Staying safe during record high temperatures

98 degrees was a record high temperature set in Pascagoula yesterday.

We barely even passed go with spring and we’re right into that summer heat again today with another record high for Gulfport with a temperature of 94. It’s easy to get carried away in fun-filled days in the sun. That’s why it is important to make sure you always have a few bottles of water on hand to stay hydrated.

Acadian Ambulance Director of Operations Frank Duke tells News 25 heat cramps, nausea, and light headedness are all early signs of heat exhaustion that shouldn’t be ignored.  “A lot of emergencies that we run though are people doing routine yard work, mowing the grass, thinking that they can do it early in the morning when the temperatures might be low. You should do some things like drinking an electrolyte solution like Gatorade or Powerade. Some of the experts might recommend that you mix that half and half with water. And then if you’re out there with your buddy and you start to realize your friend is exhibiting signs and symptoms of an altered mental status where they might be confused, agitated, or just not acting themselves and then they collapse or pass out. That is a definite emergency where you should seek immediate emergency help.”

We can expect these above seasonal hot temperatures through early next week.

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