Staying one step ahead of scammers

Today in downtown Biloxi, seniors from across the Coast got a lesson in scam prevention.

The Harrison County Sheriff’s Department covered everything from phone scams to credit card theft in an effort to keep residents ahead of the curb as scammers find new ways to steal your money and your personal information.

According to a Harris Poll, last year over 15 million people were the victim of a phone scam. Many of these cases take place right here in our area. Lt. Robert Lincoln with Harrison County Sheriff’s Department said, “The cases that we talked about are not far reaching scenarios. They’re things that happened in Long Beach, things that happened in Gulfport, things that happen right here in our county. People are looking to take advantage of Gulf Coast citizens every day and as long as these people are unaware, it’s gonna continue to happen. So, we’ve been bringing this message to seniors all around the county to try and help protect what they’ve earned.”

This seminar on scam and fraud prevention was sponsored by The Peoples Bank.

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