Stay safe from COVID-19 on Labor Day

Although Labor Day is traditionally a time to celebrate the end of summer, this year the holiday raises extra concern of health and safety in regards to the potential spread of COVID.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast experienced a bump in COVID cases after the previous summer holiday, the Fourth of July.

Biloxi Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich said in his most recent ‘Be Prepared’ report that he hopes to avoid another bump in COVID numbers following the long holiday weekend.

Mayor Gilich suggests citizens limit gatherings, wear face coverings when in close contact with anyone outside your families, wash your hands, and social distance.  “In order for us to cruise into October in a safe manner, we need to be careful this weekend. I also ask you to be mindful of the safety protocols in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. I want to thank all of you for how you’ve dealt with this pandemic over the last six months. It’s been frustrating. It’s been inconvenient. It’s been damaging, on many levels, emotionally, mentally, physically, and economically.”

Labor Day marks the end of summer holidays and is the last majorly celebrated holiday until Halloween.

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