Statewide burn ban: DOs and DON’Ts

Governor Phil Bryant signed a proclamation initiating a statewide burn ban, effective immediately. Since this ban is in place until further notice, fire experts want you to take this time to brush up on controlled burning safety.

With this ban, folks can still grill outside but according to Director of Information and Outreach of the Mississippi Forestry Commission, Jason Scott, no fire pits, no debris pile burning, and no open pad cooking,”just be mindful of anything that could create a spark. So if you’re pulling a trailer and you have your safety chain hooked to your truck, make sure those chains aren’t dragging the asphalt. Those chains and that asphalt could spark on the side of the road. Farmers now who are cutting and bailing hay, make sure you’re hay baler is not overheating. Make sure that equipment isn’t heating and sitting on top of dry grass. Outdoor activities, when you’re parking your vehicle, make sure you’re not parked in tall, dry grass because the heat from your engine or from your exhaust can actually ignite that dry grass and create a fire.”

Harrison County Fire Marshal Pat Sullivan says whenever the ban is lifted, people should remember to make safety the number one priority, “these fires that are in the woods are not just something to be ignored we want to make sure that we control them and that we
get on top of it and if somebody is selling the woods on fire we want to make sure those people understand the consequences and that it’s illegal and that they will be arrested.”

Each individual county will enforce the burn ban. If caught burning in the state you could be fined a minimum of $100 and up to $500.
If the burn gets out of control you will be financially responsible for damages the smoke or flames cause.

For more information go to the MS Forestry website at:



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