FunTime USA Delays Opening

While one family destination spot opens, another is delayed again.
Gulf Amusements LLC, who owns FunTime USA, recently announced the new location is unlikely to open this year. This development is the result of residents in the Georgia Place neighborhood, which sits behind the intended location for FunTime USA, appealing a ruling by the Gulfport Planning Commission.
That ruling allowed the project to move forward despite concerns of nearby residents. Those residents tell News 25 their main problem surrounds the noise created by the amusement park. They say, contrary to popular belief, the new park will not be in the same place as the old one. Georgia Place resident Roger Brunell said, “A lot of those supporting are under the misunderstanding that he’s building where he used to be. If he was building where he used to be, there would be no issue. This is not FunTime coming back to its old location. This is FunTime moving several hundred yards closer to residents than it used to be.”
FunTime has made $3 million to the project to address these concerns.
In a statement, Rafe O’Neal with FunTime USA says: “We have worked tireless, honestly and prudently with the city in the development of FunTime USA. We believe that the changes we made to this project in order to allay the fears and concerns of our opponents at Georgia Place are valid and well thought out.”

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