State of the Union watch party

In Gulfport, residents gathered at the Almanett Hotel and Bistro in downtown Gulfport to watch the State of the Union Address.

Many members of the community, political officials, and NAACP members came together to hear what President Trump and Stacey Abrams had to say.

Before the address began, there were discussions of what issues they hope these speeches will bring to light.

Organizers say they put this watch party together because it is important to hear from these officials in order to make informed decisions. TNathan Fairley with the Gulfport branch of the NAACP said, “Well it is so important to have this State of the Union watch party where we get together and we can watch what the President has to say and the response because in the two party system, it is very important that we hear from both parties and then we have to have an informed electorate so that we can make informed decisions on election day. So, in order to do that we must hear what both have to say.”

This watch party was open to anyone who wanted to come and hear the speeches despite political party affiliation.

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