State of Jackson County Address

Flooding issues, road improvements, dredging problems: these are all issues Jackson County Board President Melton Harris touched on as he delivered his State of the County address. News 25’s Kristen Durand has more on what 2016 has in store.
Drainage and flooding was a hot topic as Supervisor Harris acknowledged that some houses flood as a result of poor draining conditions but that a study is in the works to plug the issue. “We started it,” said Harris, “We’re probably about 20 to 30 percent complete on it. We had a few glitches. We hope to get back on track here within the next few weeks or so. Once that is done then we start looking for additional funding to do the work that the drainage study said we need to do.”
Harris then turned his attention to road projects, announcing 12 bridge replacements and nine major road improvements for 2016 and the Cook Road corridor set to connect Jackson County to Harrison County. “The population shift is to our west, commercial type activity is taking place to our west and the west part of our county. We must also participate because this also improves the livelihood for our citizens that live in that area and want to move to that area,” said Harris.
Supervisor Harris also addressed the Ocean Springs small craft harbor and while some projects like improving the roadways and adding a sidewalk are taking some time to complete, he assures they’re still working with the city to get it finished. “We must continue to maintain and make sure it’s navigable in and out for those boats, make sure we have the proper process to allow folks to come in, to rent those boat slips and things of that sort, and make sure transportation is easy to get in and get out.”
A number of park improvement projects, dredging problems, disaster related fund requests, and recreational opportunities are on the county’s agenda as well.

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