State Nurses Prepare for Active Shooters

For the next three days, nurses from across our state will be in Biloxi for the Mississippi Nurses Association’s 105th annual convention.
Today, the nurses underwent the SERT Program. That stands for specialized emergency response training.
To prepare citizens for the possibility of an active shooter, the program uses realistic props and scenarios to recreate situations which require quick thinking to minimize and possibly prevent causalities in the event of an active shooter. Michael Street with SERT said, “The Mississippi Nursing Association is putting this training on for their members. They’ve seen a need and kind of have the foresight to bring this training to their members in order to help them have the skills, knowledge, and techniques to be able to survive should they find themselves in a situation like an active shooter.”
This Friday the nurses will hear from speaker Lexi Smith, a survivor of human trafficking, about her survival and how she now helps others.

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