St. Stanislaus students build shed for homeowner after Hurricane Zeta

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, students in one class at St. Stanislaus teamed up to help a neighbor recovering from Hurricane Zeta.

The sounds of drills and heavy equipment filled Lajoie Butler’s backyard this afternoon as a group of students and their teacher delivered to her a gift she’ll use for years to come. SSC Senior Bradley Shaw said, “We wanted to give back, and so we got a lot of help from people and we were able to build a shed for somebody in need.”

Butler’s old backyard shed was damaged during Hurricane Zeta, creating the need for a new one.

When St. Stanislaus construction teacher Freddy West learned of her need, he made a game plan, allowing the class to use the skills they learned this semester to build a new shed from scratch. “They started out with the foundation and went on up, and each team had to do a wall, and once they got the wall it all came together then they put the sheeting on.”

“So, everything’s wood, and it took about three weeks to build and we all used nail guns and screws, that’s it.”

As they met with Ms. Lajoie and put the bow on their finished product, students like senior Bradley Shaw say it’s a rewarding feeling. “It was really fun being able to do this with the whole class, making the whole shed and actually getting the finished product, and being able to give it to somebody who needed it. It’s nice.”

A sentiment echoed by their proud teacher. “Just love giving back, love being able to help people, and this plan came together the way it was supposed to come together.”

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