St. Patrick Catholic High School Sixth grader retreat

St. Patrick Catholic High School seniors had the opportunity to share some wisdom and have some fun with the younger students about their faith and life after sixth grade.

The transition of starting a new school is a huge step in a child’s life. The seniors in the campus ministry at St. Patrick laid out the road map to success for students. Senior Natallie Noel said, “They are young, but it gives them a little idea of what they can do in high school, college and in their future.”

Senior Anna Broadus said, “It’s just a day to help them form their faith before they make the transition into high school.”

The retreat involved many activities around the topics of friends, faith, and time management with seniors offering advice to the younger students moving forward with school. Campus Ministry Sponsor Darlene Previto said, “Some of the kids they have gone to school with from first to sixth grade may not be in the same school. They come in here and go “Oh my gosh, I’m by myself,” but they’re not really. They encourage them to get involved and see they’re not alone.”

St. Alphonsus sixth grader Carson Kilpatrick plans to get involved by participating in athletics at St. Patrick. “I want to play football, basketball, and baseball. They have really good academics.”

The seniors had a message for their sixth graders from St. James, St. Alphonsus, and Resurrection Elementary: “We were once in your shoes and if you follow our advice your next chapter of education will be an amazing journey.”

“Wherever they go next year, we just want them to bring God with them anywhere they go.”

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