St. Martin resident seeking solution to pollution plaguing community

The litter bug is continuing to plague a St. Martin neighborhood.

For over a year now, people polluting the Porteaux Bay Biloxi Bay Community has been running rampant.

High volumes of trash are being dumped along the streets and in the nearby waters, turning a beautiful community into an eyesore.

The litter being found throughout the neighborhood includes needles, beer cans, and harmful waste. Pollution has a huge domino effect on the quality of life, especially when it comes to harvesting sea life for lunch and dinner.

One resident of the area, Sam Stolte, spends time cleaning up the trash, but wants the litterbugs to take responsibility too. “It doesn’t seem like there’s any incentives for people to actually clean up the mess. You know I wish there was something that maybe you know to inspire them to do it. There’s lots of wildlife around here that get into the pollution, and you know it could hurt them and also you know if you eat seafood it can trickle down to you.”

Stolte said he’d like to see a community cleanup in the neighborhood and for community leaders to take a hard stance on littering.

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