St. Joseph Catholic Church preparing St. Joseph Altar

A St. Joseph Altar is an offering of love, labor, and sacrifice, honoring the patron saint of the Sicilians and the universal church.

Its origin begins in Sicily during a time of drought and famine. In dire need, people turned to St. Joseph for a helping hand and prayer.

When it rained and crops began to bear fruit, an altar was made for St. Joseph and the community brought their offerings to the table.

The altar has three levels to represent the Holy Trinity and is an opportunity for the prosperous to share with the less fortunate. Secretary of Lady’s Guild Betty Schley said, “We will have the bread and each one of the breads represents Christ. We have his ladder. We have his hammer. We have his nails. We have his sandals. We have the host. We have the chalice. We have about everything. We have the crown of thorns and everything in that represents Christ.”

The St. Joseph’s Day Feast is being celebrated March 19th. The altar will be available for viewing Saturday until next Wednesday.

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