St. Alphonsus Catholic students donate to save homeless pets

Sixth grade students from St. Alphonsus Catholic School have been counting pennies to make a difference.

The Jackson County Animal Shelter helps homeless animals each day, but sometimes they need our help. That’s where the sixth grade students from St. Alphonsus Catholic School in Ocean Springs stepped in. Sixth grader Joseph Ross said, “We’re here delivering the money that we raised through ‘Pennies for Pets,’ our campaign at school.”

The campaign added up in a big way. The students raised over $1,100 to give to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Sixth grader Jordan Ayme said, “It makes me feel really proud of myself and of my school that we were able to raise so much money.”

Students learned about the daily operations of the shelter and spent some time with all of the animals. Teacher Elaine Dent said, “I think it’s nice for the children to see that they are citizens of the world and that they can contribute in a way. It was a small thing to do, to make posters and collect money and count change, but it will make a big impact for the Jackson County Animal Shelter.”

This winter has been a busy time for the shelter and every little bit helps when it comes to saving the dogs and cats. Jackson County Animal Shelter Director Joseph Barlow said, “When you see us and Maridee on the news talking about the shelter being full, it’s for real. So, it has been an interesting winter because we have not gotten a break from intake.”

If you could like to donate or volunteer contact the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

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