SRHS Retirees Look to Nov. Election for New Leadership

The Singing River Health System (S.R.H.S.) situation continues to get direr for retirees. With just under two weeks until the pension plan resolution deadline, retirees are looking towards November’s elections for new leadership in the county.

For the employees of S.R.H.S., who worked decades towards retirement, the March 15th deadline for a resolution to their pension woes is approaching quickly. The Jackson County Board of Supervisors voted against a 60 day extension and is waiting to see what the hospital does next. Barry Cumbest, President of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, says, "We’re still progressively digging in, uncovering information, just trying to get to the root of thing so to speak and we’re trying to come up with some good options."

The March 15th deadline is approaching quickly and many retirees are running out of patience, prompting some to believe the county needs new leadership, which could be coming after this November’s elections. Sean Olawine, candidate for Jackson County Supervisor for District 4, says, "The people are the ones who expect us to work for them. They depend on us to do the right thing, and they need us to do the right thing. If they don’t have someone looking out for them, businesses can just run right over them."

The situation with S.R.H.S. has shown a need for honest and open leadership in Jackson County. Olawine also says, "It would be better if the retires knew what was going on instead of being left in the dark." Sabrina Smith, candidate for Jackson County Supervisor for District 1, closes, "Transparency, honesty, integrity, we need to clean up Jackson County, we need to grow for Jackson County, we need to change for Jackson County."

This change can’t come too soon for the retirees. The board plans to meet next week, and will revisit talks about an extension to the plan at that time.

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