SRHS Requests Money for Workers’ Comp

Singing River Health System requested $2.3 million in order to secure future payments of workers’ compensation.
Attorney Billy Guice presented the motion to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors earlier this morning. Guice says the money will not be taken out of the system and is necessary to continue the self-insurance for their employees.
The retirees who attended the meeting were outraged when the supervisors approved the vote without asking for any public input. Retiree Willie Chestnut said, “Before you jump and try to ask for 2-point something million dollars to go towards a smokescreen toward workers’ comp. we know that it’s for the lawyers to continue getting their money, to continue to get paid and continue to do what they do against us. That’s not right.”
Supervisors say the money will only be available to the hospital if workers’ comp is needed. The only money Singing River has to pay is a $30,000 fee to establish a line of credit.

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