Spring Break 2018 Gulfport Traffic Plan

On April 13th through April 15th, 2018 the Mississippi Gulf Coast will be hosting Spring Break 2018. In order to prepare for this event, the Gulfport Police Department wants to make sure that all of you are aware that we are expecting an influx of tourists and vehicles on our roadways this weekend.

The Gulfport Police Department will have one lane open going east and one lane going west on Highway 90 between Cowan Road and the Biloxi City Limit at Debuys Road. The other existing lane will be utilized for First Responders only. Any motorist that enters in the First Responder lane will receive a citation and have their vehicle towed at the owner’s expense. First Responders will be utilizing this lane in order to quickly provide services throughout the coastal area.  This is an extension of the Highway 90 traffic plan also used by the Biloxi Police Department.

If traffic should become an issue, the Gulfport Police Department is planning on instituting a traffic diversion plan. This traffic diversion plan would be implemented only if traffic becomes heavily congested and only long enough to alleviate any traffic congested problems. The plan is necessary to ensure public safety can respond to calls for service and emergencies in the area. The following roadways would be affected should the traffic plan be implemented:

  1. All east and westbound traffic on Highway 90 at the Cowan Road intersection would be diverted north onto Cowan Road. Traffic would then be sent north to Interstate 10 where traffic would be sent east towards Biloxi.
  2. All traffic southbound on Cowan Road from Interstate 10 would be sent south to Seaway Road where traffic would be able to go west on Seaway Road.
  3. All traffic entering Cowan Road from the east would be sent north on Cowan Road to Interstate 10 and then sent east towards Biloxi.
  4. Traffic on the service drive from Debuys Road to Highway 90 westbound will remain open to all residents south of the tracks.
  5. Debuys Road will be closed from Highway 90 north to CT Switzer Road to all vehicular traffic excluding residents who live in the area north of the service drive.

To avoid getting caught in the traffic diversion plan, the Gulfport Police Department is asking you to consider using alternative routes and avoid main thoroughfares such as Highway 90 and Cowan Road especially during peak afternoon and evening hours.

Avoiding these main thoroughfares this weekend would assist the police department in eliminating any additional traffic to an already expected influx of traffic on our roadways. This would also assist us in alleviating any possibility of you inadvertently getting caught in the traffic diversion plan as outlined above. Remember, Anniston Avenue and Debuys Road are alternative routes to residents/guests returning to their homes or rentals.

Again, please try and use alternative routes such as Anniston Avenue to access the service drive and neighborhoods south of the railroad tracks and avoid using main thoroughfares such as Highway 90 and Cowan Road especially during peak afternoon and evening hours this weekend (typically from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM). Anniston Avenue is ideal as there is no direct connection to Highway 90.

Should you have any questions concerning this notification, please do not hesitate to call 228-868-5959.

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