Sport Facilities Safety & Security Summit

Keeping fans, players, and staff at professional sporting events is no small task and in today’s world you have to be ready for anything.
That’s the focus of the professional sport facilities safety and security summit going on this week at the Beau Rivage where staffs from professional sports teams across the country are meeting.
The annual conference hosted by USM allows professionals to discuss and share ideas about event day safety, crowd management, risk assessment, and more.
Professionals attending tell News 25, there are so many things they are responsible for monitoring on event days and in today’s world, social media monitoring has become key.

“The world dictates how we secure our venues and who doesn’t have a computer? Who doesn’t have a cell phone? Who does not tweet? Who does not use Facebook? Not everyone uses it for friendly communications. There are a lot of people who use it to recruit domestic terrorists and we are now moving toward that realm where we’re investigating it thoroughly to ensure the safety of all who inhabit our venues.”
– Darren Johnson Director Of Safety & Security, Detroit Lions
USM’S National Center for spectator sports safety and security hosts summits with different focuses four times a year.

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