Spooky science experiments at Pass Christian Elementary

Some super scientists presented spooky science experiments today at Pass Christian Elementary School.
These second grade students have conducted several hands-on investigations to answer many scientific questions. The students took on characters of world renowned, extremely busy scientists who are taking time out of their very hectic schedules to present their ‘spooky findings’ to other students, family, and friends.
These little scientists presented spooky slime, gooey blobs in a bottle, pumpkin toothpaste, and even a ghost inflator. Second grader Lebria Williams said, “We were learning how to work together and do lots of experiments.”
Second grader Jacob Fuller said, “The whole point of it is it shows that if you mix a base with an acid it can cause a gas.”
Spooky Science Day was organized by Jane Bunn and Jillian Fisher who are both teachers of the gifted in grades two through five at Pass Christian Elementary School.

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