Splash pads back up and running in Gulfport

COVID-19 has shut down all city facilities for the last couple of months, including the splash pads in Gulfport.

Governor Reeves’ last COVID-19 guidelines for the state allowed Gulfport to turn the water back on for the splash pads, giving kids a place to cool off for the summer heat.

Gulfport resident Ladonna Pinales brought her youngest, Parker, out to the Jones Park Splash Pad today for the first-time ever. “During the summer usually before all this happened. It was pretty much every other day or a couple times a week. Actually, yes we were kind of concerned, but it’s not as bad as it usually is. We drive through the harbor every single night and there are usually a lot more kids. This isn’t a lot.”

The west side splash park on West Beach Boulevard in Gulfport is now open as well.

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