Spill Shuts down Hwy 49 Southbound

A hazardous spill briefly shut down traffic along Highway 49 near 33rd Street in Gulfport this afternoon.
Gulfport police noticed an 18-wheeler driving southbound on Highway 49 that was leaking a substance. Hazmat crews were sent to the scene and reported that a small leak was not breached and only a small amount spilled. It was a hydrogen peroxide solution that spilled. Gulfport Fire Battalion Chief Greg Griffin said, “The amount that was spilled has already been evaporated. What caused it was a pop off valve malfunction and the 18-wheeler company is on the way out here to fix the pop off valve so everything’s been contained. There’s no hazard to the community and everything is under control.”
Once the Gulfport hazmat crew secured the scene and noticed the leak was not major, they moved the truck off of Hwy 49 onto 33rd Street allowing traffic to move smoothly once again.

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