Spending Mother’s Day At The Cemetery

Yesterday was a day many were able to celebrate the moms in their life…
But not everyone is fortunate enough to celebrate the holiday with their mother.

This Biloxi Cemetery was full of bouquets and freshly laid flowers Sunday afternoon.
Some people who lost their mothers were spending their mother’s day here like Gulfport Resident Jan Garner, who’s mother passed away when she was young. Jan and her husband were visiting her mother-in-law’s grave. Jan’s mother-in-law, Joyce passed away in August…this is her first mother’s day without Joyce.

“It’s always a very special day for us with her. So we wanted to come out today and pay our respects and just know that she knows that we’re here for her. It’s hard to loose a parent. So if you do have faith in your life lean on that. If not, lean on your family and your friends. If you have a good support system their going to get you through this. And as I said, our faith always gets us through this.”
– Jan Garner Gulfport Resident
Jan says Joyce was a great mother and Jan learned a lot from her while she was alive.

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