Spending more on tourism

Members of the Mississippi House are pushing for the state to spend more money on tourism advertising.

The House voted 111 to 5 for House Bill 1102. This bill would be worth about $11 million after a three year phase in.

Currently, the Mississippi Development Authority spends about $3.8 million on advertising.

The Gulf Coast is the main tourist destination in the state of Mississippi, bringing in nearly one-third of all of the tourists. Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast CEO Milton Segarra said, “More than 32,000 people are working because of our industry. We represent more than 260,000 millions in taxes, in jobs, it’s by far one of the most important. The reason why we keep promoting and making sure people come and visit is because every visitor that comes here represents an economic impact and opportunity for development on the Coast.”

Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast says they hope to attract even more tourists with the added funding and this new bill.

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