Special Session Addresses Budget

The Mississippi House will convene again tomorrow for a second day of a special session addressing the state’s budget deficit.
State Senators passed a bill today to let Governor Phil Bryant dip further into the state’s financial reserves to plug a hole in the state budget.
The House needed a two-thirds vote to consider the bill the same day it passed the Senate. Democrats blocked Republican leader’s efforts to get that majority.
Democratic lawmakers say Republican leaders have shut them out of the budget process and have been irresponsible with state spending. Mississippi’s budget year ends at Midnight Thursday.
House minority leader David Baria said, “If this bill passes without any changes, they would have the authority to spend every dime of that. Now, we’re okay with them taking some money from the rainy day fund to patch up this budget mess that they’ve created, but we probably ought to put a limit on it, we think.”
In a tweet, Baria said, “House leadership made the conscious decision to stay in special session an extra day. Don’t blame Democrats for Republican’s decisions.”

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