Special Olympics returns to the Mississippi Coast

The Special Olympics returns to the Coast and the opening ceremony was today.

News 25 went out to Keesler Air Force Base ahead of the ceremony to chat with some volunteers.

The games on the Coast will serve as a great warmup in the competitive sphere before the athletes head to Special Olympics USA in Orlando.

For many of these athletes, it’s much more than just a fun time, it’s tradition, and a fierce competition.

Basketball, equestrian, and bowling are just a few of the contests you can see in Biloxi over the weekend. Cpt. Patrick Noyse said, “I know participating in the training camp that happened in February, a sense of community, a sense of excitement, especially with the base, interacting with the airmen, NCOs and officers alike, just brings a sense of camaraderie, something that’s been missing since COVID.”

Master Sgt. Richard Jones said, “You know, I’m responsible for 200, 300 junior airmen that come to base and pretty much mentor and guide them on the Air Force. And they’ll be able to mentor the athletes and be able to help them along in their events, to support them, see them get awards and things like that.”

The games begin tomorrow at the base.

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