Special Needs Christmas Party 2016

Tonight in Biloxi, the Donal Snyder Building was full of holiday cheer as the city’s parks and rec department hosted a special needs Christmas party.
The parks and rec department schedules at least one event for members of the Coast’s special needs community every month. This provides a fun and safe atmosphere for socializing and celebrating the holidays. All it takes to participate is dropping off one toy at the door which will be donated to the Asgard Motorcycle Club’s annual toy drive.
Cheryl Bell with Biloxi Parks and Recreation said, “One of our divisions is special needs. We want to treat them just like everyone else and provide the programs that we provide for everyone else. This is the third year for the Christmas for special needs. It’s a big party. They get to have fun and fellowship. We have a meal for them. They each have to bring a $10 gift as a way of giving back for everything else that we do.”
Up next is the winter formal which will take place on January 13th.

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