Special Military Training to Take Place in Biloxi

From August 1st to August 8th 2015, military special operations units will be conducting practice exercises in Biloxi. The military has been searching for the perfect terrain to practice and Biloxi is now on their list.
The city of Biloxi will be allowing military special operation units to use Margaritaville and abandoned warehouse in the surrounding area as a training ground.
Jade Helm 15 is a training program for members of the Green Berets, Navy Seals and other special operation units. The original resolution allowing the military to use Biloxi said this exercise was a part of Jade Helm, but the one that was passed did not.
While the military says this is simply training, some extremists believe it’s the government’s last effort at training for martial law.
“There is no big conspiracy,” said City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager, Vincent Creel, “the key thing for the people of Biloxi and the Gulf Coast to know is we’re not going to do anything that is going to jeopardize anybody’s life or anybody’s property or anything else.”
News 25 contacted property owners in the vicinity of Margaritaville and the abandoned warehouse, they say they all agreed to allow the military to use their property, but had no further comment.

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