Special mayoral election in Pascagoula

The City of Pascagoula is casting their votes in the special election for mayor and voters arrived bright and early to make their voices heard.

The seat was made vacant when former Mayor Dane Maxwell moved into a new role as public service commissioner for the southern region.

Three candidates are on the ballot today, Burt Hill, Dr. Steve Demetropoulos, and Chris Grace.

Hill is a former Pascagoula City councilman, Demetropoulos is a physician with Singing River Health System and Grace serves on the city’s recreation commission.

Those voting today say they need prosperity in Pascagoula. Voter Christi Pitts said, “We have a lot of things that need to be done in Pascagoula and I think that it’s important that we have somebody that’s willing to take in what needs to be done and help our city become what it could be.”

Voter Benjamin Shoenberger said, “I just want to see growth. We have such an industrial town and a big point that I have been to the forums and seen is people come here during the day, but leave at night and don’t broaden our tax base when they could come here and live here.”

If the candidate does not get enough votes today, there will be a runoff March 3rd.

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