Special election for Senate seat

Who will represent Harrison County residents and fill the seat left vacant by Sean Tindell after he was recently sworn in as a judge with the state appeals court? So far, two candidates have stepped up, qualifying to run for the state Senate District 49 seat.
News 25’s Caroline Eaker gives us a first look at these two candidates making their first run for political office.
On October 17th, South Mississippian Sean Tindell was sworn in as a judge with the Mississippi Court of Appeals, vacating the state Senate seat for District 49 in Harrison County which Tindell had held since 2012. So far, two candidates have announced their candidacy to fill the vacant seat. Candidate Dan Carr said, “We have had great representation up in Jackson with Senator Sean Tindell and now that our governor has appointed Sean as one of our judges, it is important that we replace him with a true Conservative.”
Both candidates are running on the Republican ticket and this special election will be the first time that either of them will be running for political office. Candidate Joel Carter said, “That’s my background is hospitality management. Fifteen years in the restaurant business and now we have built this real estate firm and I believe I can provide solid leadership up there and have a business background.”
“I am going to fight for the values of our state, of South Mississippi. I am a true Conservative and I am going to stand for our Conservative values and not get to Jackson and back down. I am going to fight for the everyday, hardworking citizens of South Mississippi,” said Carr.
The qualifying deadline is Monday. Both candidates share why they believe they are the best choice to fill this Mississippi Senate seat. “I can go to Jackson and bring back our tax dollars back here and continue the fight for South Mississippi,” said Carr.
“I am a business man and I am going to look at things from a different perspective up there. Take my success and apply them forward with legislation,” said Carter.
Voters will make their choice come the December 19th election. A run off, if needed, would be held January 9th.

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