Southern Strike 2018 is underway

Starting today, Gulf Coast residents will see increased air activity over waterways throughout the area as Southern Strike 2018 intensifies its maritime operations.
Southern Strike 2018 is a large scale, joint multinational combat exercise that provides tactical level training for the full spectrum of conflict. It emphasizes air dominance, maritime operations, maritime air support, precision engagement and more.
Colonel James Haynie says it’s also a great economic impact to the Coast bringing units from 50 states and international partners into the area. “On top of that, the military is actually training like it needs to be before it goes over seas. There’s also a national defense component to this as well that’s going to protect our local population. Air medical peace is critical to domestic operations since we are a hurricane prone area so we actually embrace the people of Gulfport, as well as Hattiesburg, and we appreciate you allowing us to come and train.”
The exercise begins today and runs through November 3rd.

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