Some Cruisers Feel They’re Not Welcome at the Mall

Some cruisers have complained they are no longer welcome at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi.

A group of cruisers from Louisiana tell News 25 earlier this week, they were asked to leave the property by mall security. The cruisers say they have been parking their cars and hanging out at the mall for years, but now they feel unwelcome.

Dave Savage, who is visiting from Louisiana, says, “They said they won’t allow us to park there until Thursday, and that’s where people intermingle and everything. For the most part, unless you have a lot to park your car and to meet with your friends, there’s really no where you can park and hang out and look at the cars.”

A spokeswoman for Edgewater Mall tells News 25 cruisers are absolutely allowed to use the property for Cruisin’ activity with a few exceptions. Cruisers will be asked to leave the property when the mall closes 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and at 6 p.m. on Sundays.

Also, cruisers will not be allowed set up tents or consume alcohol on the property. Starting Thursday, the mall will host three days of Cruisin’ events with live entertainment.

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