Solar Paneled Lights for Beauvoir

While pitch black cemeteries are perfect for a good scare, they’re not as great when you’re trying to host events in them. That’s the problem that Beauvoir has been facing for years.
Due to historical parameters, they cannot install lights in the ground or place them on trees. Now, they have found a solution to that problem. 3rd Rock Energy in Biloxi is letting Beauvoir use a solar panel to charge batteries for portable lights until they raise enough money to pay for the panel and keep it permanently. This is an option that Beauvoir officials say opens so many doors for them.
Beauvoir Tours, Programs and Events Coordinator Kitsaa Stevens said, “It just means more events, more lighting, safety issues. I’m just so excited about this and there are soldiers out here and we need to honor them and 3rd Rock is going to help us do that.”
CEO of 3rd Rock Energy Dr. Hank Roberts said, “We do not have to drill any holes in the ground, we do not have to connect any trees, we do not have to do anything because it’s all portable, even the lights that we’re putting up there are portable. “
Beauvoir needs to raise $4,000 to pay for this solar panel. If you would like to donate, you can do so on their website,

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