Social Media Awareness

If you asked your teen how cautious they are with their social media posts, what would they say?
Attorney General Jim Hood released an advisory for parents to look out for what their kids are posting online, especially with school back in session.
Social media has quickly made its way into the daily routine of young adults. Many report even feeling anxious if they don’t check their pages every day. Gulfport High senior Meg Muths said, “It drives me crazy if I don’t check it before I go to sleep, which is bad.”
With school now back in session, old and new friends are back together. And if news travels fast on campus, it can travel even faster on Facebook. While personal talk can be cheap, digital screenshots can be forever. “In ten years down the road, something that I posted today can come right back around. Just because it’s been ten years and even if it’s been deleted doesn’t mean that it’s not still there. It’s just a much more lingering thing, I think people really like to acknowledge,” said Muths.
Officials at the Harrison County Win Job Center say what you post online today can affect you when you’re filling out job applications. “It’s good to make sure that the information that you are putting out there on social media is nice and professional because a lot of times, employers are going to use that information to make their hiring decisions,” said Al Brooken, who works at the Win Job Center.
High schools don’t require courses on social media etiquette. Some students want parents more involved in their cyber world. Gulfport senior Bryce Moore sat down with his mother, who told him the dos and don’ts of online behavior. “She definitely had a conversation with me about, you know, well make sure you don’t post this or make sure you don’t post that ‘cause they’re going to be looking at that. So, I think it’s an important thing parents need to do.”
Between parents and schools, teaching academics and overall responsible citizenship are often covered. But, career counselors encourage a more active role in their teen’s online behavior as well because today’s post could be tomorrow’s problem.

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