Social distancing while connecting with nature

Some people in self-quarantine have a beach-view as they spend more time on their boats or on the water in this time of social distancing.

Bowie Hamilton’s good at testing the waters. He teaches tennis, acts, and does graphic design for a living, but a lot of his work has dried up and he’s doing what he can to stay above board when it comes to work and play in the wake of the Coronavirus threat and this time of social distancing. “Working out on a beach instead of a gym. Meeting to play one person in tennis, and staying away from everybody. I’ve been doing some graphic design. I don’t have to meet with people to do that so that’s been convenient.”

He’s also been taking to the water, spending more time on his sailboat during this time of self-quarantine. He’s not alone. Derek Jones’ sailboat is docked nearby. His life and work have also been somewhat tied up lately. “I do professional photography and videography work, primarily for Guy Harvey magazine. I have several sailing magazines I also work with. I also do blogs on line and video work for Youtube. Trying to get by with a little bit of boat work right now. Everything else is pretty much shut down.”

Some people are using this time of isolation and social distancing to tap into their creativity. “I get to actually sail during the week now. The sun was setting, so I painted a boat in the foreground of the sunset. (Why?) Just to feel good about it. (Would you have done it if you had not been isolated because of the Coronavirus?)No, I would not. That’s one of the good aspects of it. Pros and cons, love.”

“I think a lot of people are maybe learning. Slow down. Enjoy every moment in life, enjoy your friends and family. We get so caught up in the politics and working and we forget the more important things in life.”

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