‘A Social Change in Democracy’ documentary shown at Biloxi Visitor’s Center

The City of Biloxi is relying on their residents to help identify landmarks and people in their city. ‘A Social Change in Democracy’ was shown this evening at the Biloxi Visitor’s Center, a 30-minute documentary shot in 1951.

Biloxi resident Patti Morris said, “The future’s not that bright sometimes, and the past was so good and growing up down here was a dream. When they say the 50s was the time, it really, really was. We had a good, good time.”

‘Social Change in Democracy’ was shown to residents at the Biloxi Visitor’s Center. The post-World War II documentary was produced by the U.S. Army in 1951, and shot in Biloxi at various locations across the city, like old Biloxi High School and even old city hall. Local Historian Jane Shambra said, “The purpose of the video was to show the people in Japan how Democracy works. The war had ended and they needed to show an example of how things worked.”

Hoping to honor the city’s rich history, Biloxi requested the help of residents interested in sightseeing. Residents were given a pen and paper and asked to write down anything of interest that they see in the film, whether that be a building, landmark, or even a person. “These people, it’s important that we know who they are. If they know they’re in the tape, or the film, they would be excited and memories would be brought back, but if they don’t know they’re there, what are they going to do? Someone’s got to find them.”

This information isn’t going to waste as the City of Biloxi has big plans for the film. Cecilia Dobbs-Walton with the City of Biloxi said, “What we plan is to collect all this information, put a video together with some pop-ups, and then we’re going to possibly show it again in public. We’ll also have it on our city’s website and all of our other avenues.”

Like they say, ‘history never really says goodbye, history says ‘see you later.’”

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