Snow in the Kiln

Snow on the ground in Hancock County is not an everyday sight for local residents.
Snow flurries accumulated on the sides of Highway 603 in northern Hancock County this morning. Rooftops were snow-capped at some houses and snowfall covered porches throughout Necaise, Mississippi.
Residents living in the Kiln experienced snow, ice-pellets, and sleet, making driving conditions a little more rough that usual according to some local residents News 25 spoke to on the road. Kiln Resident Donald Ladner said, “We don’t ever see this snow and sleet hardly. It gets cold, but not that cold. You got to slow down, passed a truck a while ago and it was full of sleet.”
Other Hancock County residents tell News 25 the wintry weather affected their commute to work this morning and some said their work place allowed employees to come in a couple of hours late because of the slippery roadways.

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