‘Smiles for Saucier’ School Supply Drive at Saucier Elementary School

Students and staff at Saucier Elementary School were on the receiving end of some holiday cheer this morning.

A group from West Wortham Elementary and Middle Schools delivered gifts to Saucier Elementary. They called it ‘Smiles for Saucier School Supply Drive.’

Just a few weeks ago, Hurricane Zeta hit the school hard, damaging roofs, floors, computers, books, school supplies and more.

Principal Sarah Purvis says it is heartwarming to see the community reach out and provide essentials in their time of need. “We are sister schools. Our middle school kids go to West Wortham and so it means a lot to us. We all work together so it’s very touching to know that the community and schools have reached out to us during this time.”

Some of the gifts included flowers, school supplies, and kind words of encouragement written by fellow students.

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