Sloth visits patients at Texas children’s hospital

A slow and steady creature is quickly bringing joy to kids at one Texas hospital.

Say hello to Sienna. She’s the two-toed sloth making the rounds at Baptist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio.

Sienna is brightening up the day for many kids who say she helps them feel calm. Nursing staff in the pediatric unit agree, saying Sienna does wonders.

Pediatric Nurse Miranda Nelka said, “Ah, the sloth was a great surprise to come up, just for nursing staff and for the kids. We really enjoy visits like that. It really brightens our day, um, especially for the kids. Seeing uh, them have something to do, gets them out of their room. Um, they have a little bit of joy in the day.”

Sienna’s visit also helping medical professionals at the hospital kick off ‘National Pediatric Nurses Week.’

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